For groups that want to join forces to bowl for a better planet, you can help by hosting a Satellite Bowl. Satellite bowls are Bowl the Planet fundraisers, only they are in different towns and organized by local groups. Satellite Bowl participants are eligible to win the fundraising prizes. 20% of the Satellite Bowl fundraiser goes to your group for your efforts.
Here are some suggested steps for organizing Satellite Bowls:

1) Get commitment from your organization, group, or class. Ask other groups you know for support.
2) Call your local bowling alley and pick a date.
3) Fundraise using our website. Sign up to fundraise wherever you are on this page and invite your friends to donate on this page.
4) Promote your event with flyers, emails, evite, posters, Facebook and Twitter.
5) Go door to door and to local events asking for pledges (contact info@savenature.org and we'll mail you pledge forms).
6) Be creative - Use your skill to fundraise, use your cooking prowess, art expertise, vocal talent, facepainting, etc.
Turn your talents into fundraising opportunities

If you need help support in designing the event, please contact info@savenature.org.