You can make donations to Bowl the Planet whether or not you come to the party. Please invite your friends to donate. So what's stopping you? Your donations are tax deductible.

Every donation counts!

$180 will offer scholarship to send our award winning Insect Discovery Lab outreach program to an underserved school in the Bay Area.
$250 will protect four acres of threatened rainforest, coral reef, or desert habitat and the millions of species that live in those ecosystems.

$500 will support our new Nature Academy scholarship program for underseved children in San Francisco, Oakland and the greater Bay Area.
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Barbara Landt Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/20/2019
Mary Lavine Amount: $ 160.20 Date Received: 05/20/2019
Jim Bishop Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/20/2019
Yvonne Dunkley Amount: $ 32.68 Date Received: 05/17/2019
"Keep up the good work Norm."
David Friedman Amount: $ 107.06 Date Received: 05/15/2019
"Knock them down, Norm!"
Rich Block Date Received: 05/15/2019
"Another strike for conservation!"
Robert Bleck Amount: $ 160.20 Date Received: 05/14/2019
"Come on down to the Hood."
Sonny Hernandez Date Received: 05/14/2019
Stuart Dick Date Received: 05/13/2019
Eddie Dunbar Amount: $ 27.37 Date Received: 05/11/2019
Bennett Berke Amount: $ 80.51 Date Received: 05/10/2019
Eric Jones Date Received: 05/10/2019
"Thanks for doing this, Owen!"
Sherry Ruskin Date Received: 05/10/2019
Anonymous Amount: $ 107.06 Date Received: 05/9/2019
Steve Delman Date Received: 05/8/2019
"A string of X’s And /‘s sounds good. "
RANDY SABBAGH Date Received: 05/8/2019
"Go Team Leibman! Score a home run! Eh!"
Jessica Hoffman Date Received: 05/6/2019
Krishen Laetsch Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 05/3/2019
"Good work Norm"
Jay Grant Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 04/12/2019
"Good luck to all of the bowlers. Have fun!"